11th  Feb 2023

Data Science 360 Phase 3

Data Visualization Course & Training

Power BI

Learn Data Visualization concepts with Tableau hands-on at  PST Analytics Classroom and Online Tableau Training And Certification Courses In Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and other Indian cities.

Tableau is a very powerful and easy to understand data visualization software. When it comes to data, tableau helps to get the key insights out of it by creating appealing visualization in no time. Creating a visualization on the existing data from the business and doing descriptive analytics on top of it unfolds lot many hidden insights and help business and management to take quick and correct decisions.

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  • 40 Hours
  • 1000+
  • Basic to Advance
  • Certification Course
Tableau Training
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Interactive Tableau Training with Certified Instructors

In today's world, the perception of complex information arrays is greatly accelerated due to data visualization. If your reports turn too difficult for understanding, you got no idea how to represent your findings, or if you should illustrate some precise data to your potential partners - our Tableau training courses are just what you need! Our highly qualified trainers will help you master visual techniques of information research, different means of visualization and data representation - quickly, smoothly, and at ease.

Explore New Horizons of Business Intelligence with Tableau

Whether you are a professional or just a beginner, our online tableau server training and the competent using of the Tableau broad functionality opens you the new world full of opportunities! Look at some potential options:

  • Submit survey data promptly and show the link between the level of customer satisfaction, the company assessment and the likelihood of recommendations for several customer segmentation.
  • Data extrapolation: using filters to change of staff numbers, the level of marketing costs and consumer demand, you can predict at what point the marketing campaign should stop.
  • Conduct economic analysis and create a precise presentation of significant indicators.
  • Handle sensitivity analysis (what-if analysis). In particular, you can design a net trade estimate, based on your planned business growth and customer turnover expected.
  • Evaluate various online data, for example, to figure a sharing ratio for tweets with certain hashtags.
  • Analyze different figures, having a reference to industrial life cycle (e.g. from the ERP system), together with shaping the estimated amounts (from a Microsoft Excel, etc.)

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Efficient Progress Needs Professional Training

To maintain the hardest qualification standards, our team is putting together the most experienced adept experts. Our Tableau online training programs involve the best up-to-date novelties and the most recent actual cases. Keeping pace with the advanced modern technologies for giving you a peerless knowledge and only hands-on experience, we are particularly passionate about:

  • Key concepts and background methodology used by Tableau.
  • Handling a multi-dimensional array of data on the same page (including but not limited to spreadsheets, text files, databases, real CRM systems, OLAP cube techniques).
  • Practical skills for creating unique custom dashboards to put the accurate assessment for any target audience.
  • Online Tableau for sharing the actual results or visual findings even easier, by using the Internet browser with adjustable geo-maps to create any works of interactive visualization.

You will discover many ways to use this software for visual analysis in your work during discussions of various business cases and review of the best world practices. Moreover, passing Tableau server training, you will be able to carry out not only a full and detailed analytics but also the administration of the system, including the reconfiguration and maintenance of databases.

Quick Stats


Business intelligence and analytics industry is a volatile industry and picks up fast on technology. We have seen an upward trend for Tableau as a skill set.


Tableau has a capability to connect with any databases and that gives an edge over excel and the appealing visualizations helps users to understand the details in quick time. Tableau with these capabilities become more and more in demand over other tools


Facebook, General Motors, KPMG, Bank of America & other 30,000+ MNCs worldwide use Tableau across industries and also Tableau is a Leader in 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence & Analytics Platforms.



Tableau - Data Visualization

Tableau is the major component of today's data science. To get the insights out of data and help in quick decisions. This is an added upskil in the skill list and will help you up the success ladder


Tableau - Descriptive Statistics

Higher Management are betting heavy on Tableau as a Descriptive analytics tool. The world is moving away from traditional BI tools to self service BI tools which is building a good place as far as business intelligence is concerned.


Project Driven approach

There will be no run through ppt and decks as we dont believe in such methods of learning and spreading education. It would be hands on and classes would actully be workshops with more focus on the application part

Who Should Attend

  • Final Year Students who are looking for Business Intelligence jobs
  • Freshers out of the campus who are looking for jobs in start-ups
  • Experienced folks who are in data industry and look forward to adapting in Business Intelligence
  • Experienced professionals who look forward to switch the jobs/domain to Business Intelligence

Course Outcome

  • Understand the outlining features of Tableau
  • Strong foundation with more hold on basics
  • Data Visualization and Analysis with Tableau
  • In-depth knowlege of basic and advanced Tableau 
  • Proper application as to where and where not to apply



  • instructor

    Baldev Bhatt

    Data Scientist

    Experienced Tableau Desktop Specialist Certified & Facilitator with a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry. Skilled in Analytics, SAS, Tableau & Aptitude. Strong Management Proffesional with an MBA from IMT Ghaziabad.
    Experienced Tableau Desktop Specialist Certified & Facilitator with a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry. Skilled in Analytics, SAS, Tableau & Aptitude. Strong Management Proffesional with an MBA from IMT Ghaziabad. Read Less
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What are the System Requirements?

Machine hardware requirement 

WindowsMicrosoft Windows 7 or newer (32-bit and 64-bit)Microsoft Server 2008 R2 or newerIntel Pentium 4 or AMD Opteron processor or newer2 GB memory1.5 GB minimum free disk space1366 by 768 screen resolution or higherAppleiMac/MacBook computers 2009 or newerOSX 10.10 or newer5 GB minimum free disk space1366 x 768 screen resolution or higher

How will be the Tableau training labs be conducted?

Most of the labs and project during this Tableau training will be done using Tableau Public.

Who are the trainers for this Tableau training program?

Highly qualified and certified instructors with industry relevant experience deliver proper Tableau training in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon.

What are the modes of training offered for this course Tableau Training?

Classroom training and instructor led online classroom Tableau training options are available. You have the option to attend the Tableau training course remotely from your desktop, laptop via video conferencing.

What if I miss a class?

We provide the recordings of the class after the session is conducted. So, if you miss a class then you can go through the recordings before the next Tableau training class in Noida, Delhi and Gurgaon.

What is the difference between instructor led and self paced Tableau training program?

In the self-paced training programme, learners have to learn about the Tableau training course on their own using the study materials provided to them after registration. There would be recorded videos which will be throughout this programme.

In the Instructor-led version, learners will be provided assistance by faculty who will take them through the complete Tableau training course as a part of classroom/ live webinar mode.

Can I attend a demo session of the Tableau training before enrollment?

Yes, you can attend a demo session in any ongoing Tableau training batch in Gurgaon, Noida or Delhi.

Who can benefit from Tableau Training Program?

Tableau Training is important, especially for those thinking of making a career in Data Visualization. Get the best tableau training in Delhi NCR to gain the extra edge for professionals working in the field of data analytics and business intelligence.

What is Tableau?

Standing in 2021, you may witness a lot of software tools associated with data visualization and business intelligence. Tableau is one of its kind tools that help in processing and analyzing vast amounts of data within a short time span. A certification from the best tableau training institute in Noida will certainly help improve career options.

How much impact can Tableau Training make on a candidate?

Whether big or small business ventures, Tableau is gaining popularity among different levels of companies. Managing and organizing data certainly looks a lot more convenient through the use of Tableau. Hence, looking at this present trend, it seems to be the best time for grabbing a certification in Tableau Training. This will undoubtedly help in creating a better road ahead when planning to build your career in Data Analytics and Business Intelligence.

Why is there a high demand for Tableau Global Certification?

One of the strongest points to undergo Tableau global certification is a better and much-improvised career path. The demand for professional experts in Tableau is higher than ever. Mid to big scale industries are looking for professionals with expertise in Tableau. These organizations usually manage an enormous amount of data. A Tableau professional will bring better transparency in the data handling and analyzing process.

How to join a Tableau Training?

Enroll for an online tableau course in Gurgaon, Noida, or Delhi NCR and witness the different lucrative career opportunities unfolding. Organizations from different sectors are looking for professionals who can show expertise in processing and handling a vast amount of data. Speaking of online options, Tableau training Udemy is a formidable name. However, PST Analytics is also not lagging. It also offers the possibility to enroll for online tableau classes in Noida and NCR regions.

What exactly is Data analytics?

Data Analytics can be best described as a process to examine data sets to figure out the best trends and draw a meaningful conclusion regarding the information these sets comprise. Different industries use data analytics, most notably the commercial sectors. It allows organizations to make a lot of significant decisions with ease. Researchers and scientists use data analytics to approve or disprove different scientific models, hypotheses, and theories. Once you undergo data analytics training in Delhi, you will understand the different scopes available to utilize these skills.

How can Data Analytics prove to be effective?

Data analytics play a significant role in improving operational efficiency, increasing revenues, improving customer service efforts, and optimizing marketing campaigns. A person who has completed a business analytics course in Gurgaon will judge the market trends based on the data available. It will undoubtedly have that extra edge for the company over the competitors. With proper training in data analytics, a professional will be able to uplift the company's overall business performance.

Where to do a data analytics training program?

There are different types of data analytics courses in Delhi. Which one will you be considering is the biggest question of all! Find the most reputed and reliable institute for data analytics training. It will ensure that you will have the best training in this field with exposure in different areas related to business analytics. You also stand a chance to work with top tier organizations on the projects. This is the benefit of enrolling for a training course from the best institute in Delhi NCR regions. Find the best training institute to enroll for the perfect business analytics course in Delhi. It will help in opening different scopes and opportunities while offering deep insight into the subject. Data Analytics is vast; more exposure to industrial projects will help in acquiring a stable base. Therefore, it is necessary to find a reputed institute to undergo the training program.

How Tableau Training can help me?

How Tableau software is associated with Data Analytics?

How Tableau Global Certification in Tableau software will help me grow in my career?

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